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How To Boost Your Metabolism

We all have that one friend that can eat all day long without ever gaining a pound, while the rest of us gain weight just by looking at food. This can definitely be discouraging and while you may think it’sREAD MORE

What Are Some of the Benefits of Daily Exercise?

Human beings are known to be creatures of habit. We brush our teeth daily, shower regularly, drive the same route day in and day out. But for most, consistency is lacking in one major category: exercise! Regardless of what you’veREAD MORE


A big thank you to Jim Floyd, my trainer for a decade, for convincing me that just because I can, doesn't mean I should bench press 400 lbs. Ego and 57-year-old joints don't always get along! If you're in the Rockwall, Texas area and don't use Studio Fitness Rockwall, you are using a second class gym. - Brad Boeke


I have to thank Jim Floyd for keeping me in such good shape! All day we have been descending into tunnels and uncovered ruins to see the discoveries of Bible times! I feel great. - Virginia Hodge