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Benefits of Agility Training for Non-Athletes

by studiofit

Benefits of Agility Training for Non-Athletes

What comes to mind when you hear “agility training?” For most of us, we consider it to be something that is only associated with athletes. One definition of agility is “the ability to move, change direction, and position the body effectively while under control.” While athletes of all levels use this type of training to improve their sport-specific skills, you do not need to be a competitive athlete to receive the benefits of improved coordination and body awareness.

Incorporating reaction and quickness drills can enhance natural reflexes, helping you to move faster in almost everything you do. It also helps improve movement skills and coordination for adults of all ages. Another benefit of agility training can assist in older adults’ improvement with their balance, allowing them to remain functionally independent well into their later years. Therefore, they are able to actually enjoy the latter stages of life rather than being forced to just make the best of them. 

This form of training uses more muscles than linear running, which can help you burn more calories during your workout. Other traditional exercises, such as the squat, teach us how to lift a weight and control it in a vertical direction against the downward pull of gravity. But let’s consider many of the chores and tasks that we perform throughout the course of our normal daily lives. Don’t we often use the entire body to carry or move a weight from one place to another through gravity, not simply against it?

Consider the following daily activities, chores or tasks that many adults encounter on a regular basis:

Carrying laundry
Moving groceries from the store to the car and into the home
Placing young children in car seats, cribs, high chairs or strollers
Navigating a busy sidewalk while carrying a bag
Moving from one airport terminal to another to make a connecting flight while carrying a computer bag and pulling a suitcase

Most of us perform several of these activities on a daily basis. Which is why agility training should be included within our workout routines in order that we are functionally fit to handle the demands of our daily lives. Along with all of the aforementioned benefits of incorporating agility training into our exercise regimen, it also adds an element of excitement and fun. This is necessary in order to establish working out as a regular part of our lives rather than an occasional occurrence. 

One of the most common reasons why people stop their exercise programs is because they get bored with the routine. However, if exercise is appropriately challenging and engaging, it’s a little more exciting and becomes something you look forward to as opposed to something you dread. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. So since we only have one life to live and one body to live it in, let’s make sure we do our part to get the most out of both. 

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