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Top 5 ways to Boost your calorie Burn!

If you want to get leaner but don’t want to be found spending every waking second you happen to have in the gym, it’s time to look at some shortcuts you can take to up your calorie burn so youREAD MORE


BURPEES! As a personal trainer, when I say this word during a session or class I usually tend to get the “evil eye” from my clients or even maybe a few nasty words under their breathe. Haha!! Well, I promiseREAD MORE

Benefits of Agility Training for Non-Athletes

Benefits of Agility Training for Non-Athletes What comes to mind when you hear “agility training?” For most of us, we consider it to be something that is only associated with athletes. One definition of agility is “the ability to move,READ MORE


Studio Fitness is a fantastic gym! The facility is clean, well planned out, plethora of machines and equipment for exercising. You will not get bored with working out and will look forward to the days you do get to exercise! - Beth Hodges


Studio Fitness is the only place you need to go for fitness. They have free weights and all types of equipment to accommodate your every need. The friendly staff is ALWAYS there to help. Clean, safe, and overall, just an enjoyable place to workout. - Courtney Manasco