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by studiofit

Want to be in the best shape of your Life? Or Just the past 5 to 10 years? I want you to let today be the day you put an end to all the excuses that you have used in the past. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Be real with yourself for just a minute. Why aren’t you where you want to be physically? Are you different than others that seem to be in great shape? NO YOU AREN’T. Everything you need to be successful you already possess, so please do not limit yourself! Have you settled into a pattern that you know isn’t the best for you? If yes, then I beg you, do not settle for mediocrity when it comes to your health and happiness. Life is to short to spend one more day going backward, move forward today! 


I want to challenge you to love your body, love yourself today! Ask yourself, why not me? Why don’t I Show my body the same attention that I show my car, my house, and every other thing I show love to?  You are worth the time and effort!


What I am saying to you is now is the time for you tostep up!   Believe!   Do not be afraid!   Do Not Doubt!    YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU ARE WORTH IT!   DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF TODAY!     This is the time to take yourself to the next level or the next stage of your life. Create a better you!


                                               DRAW THE LINE IN THE SAND


I promise you, the pain of starting is nothing compared to the pain of regret, of always thinking you can start tomorrow and tomorrow never seems to come.


Our passion is health and fitness. We want to help you but unless you reach out to us we can’t help.


My suggestion is contact me and set up a time to come in to talk about you and your goals, so that we can set the process in motion!





yours in health,


Jim Floyd and the Studio Fitness Team

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A big thank you to Jim Floyd, my trainer for a decade, for convincing me that just because I can, doesn't mean I should bench press 400 lbs. Ego and 57-year-old joints don't always get along! If you're in the Rockwall, Texas area and don't use Studio Fitness Rockwall, you are using a second class gym. - Brad Boeke


I have to thank Jim Floyd for keeping me in such good shape! All day we have been descending into tunnels and uncovered ruins to see the discoveries of Bible times! I feel great. - Virginia Hodge