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Working out can feel like a chore at times. Motivation feels so far away and you just cant seem to shake that “I don’t want to” feeling. Truth be told, everyone goes through this feeling at some point. In fact, if you’ve been working out for any length of time you may have been through this motivation drought many times. One of the best thing you can do to make it through this rough time is to hire a Personal Trainer. A Personal Trainer can teach you more, motivated you more, and push you further than you ever thought possible. If hiring a Personal Trainer isn’t a possibility at this point then try a few of these tips to get yourself moving!












LAY OUT YOUR CLOTHES THE NIGHT BEFORE! Laying out your clothes will save you time in the morning and eliminate excuses. With less excuses you just may get up and get busy!














REMEMBER YOUR “WHY”. ¬†We all have a different reasons we want to exercise. Maybe you’ve had a relative that has had health issues and your want to make better choices. Maybe there is a weight issue you’re hoping to overcome. Or is it possible that you just love working out? What ever reason you have, that’s your “WHY” and sometimes you have to lean back and rely on that why to get you through the workout!














ASK YOURSELF IF THERE’S ANY REAL REASON WHY YOU CANT WORKOUT TODAY. We all have our excuses but the fact is someone out there has a better one and they are making the workout happen anyway. Dig deep, stay focused, and every once in a while compare yourself to someone else that has a better excuse. That should do the trick!!




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GET ADDICTED TO THE ENDORPHINS! Most people know that working out releases endorphins. Those endorphins do many things but one of the main functions is to lower your perception of pain. So, basically, you just feel better when you exercise!












SURROUND YOURSELF WITH MOTIVATED PEOPLE! Energy is contagious. Positivite energy can be absorbed, make sure you surround yourself with positive people and success will surely be yours! Just ask our Group Training participants!










BALANCE YOUR WORKOUTS WITH EATING RIGHT. Depending on your goals your dietary intake will also vary but one thing is standard. Nutrition is very important for your overall success. I know that when you a eating properly to help you achieve a fitness goal you are most likely going to reach that goal and that mean major motivation to follow!














DO IT TO SHUT UP THE HATERS. Unfortunately not everyone is supportive of your love of exercise. The fact is misery does love company so many of you friends and family would just soon keep you unmotivated and sitting on the couch with them. I’m telling you now, DON’T DO IT! Get up, prove to them and prove to your self that you can and will get in better shape and you will never look back with regret!