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How much exercise do you really need to_________________?

by Jim Floyd

How much exercise do you really need to lose weight?

The answer may surprise you!

We all get confused at some point during our fitness trek. You’re in a good groove and then you see or hear a news story with some information that seems to support the opposite of the way you are exercising. Why is that? Have you been doing it wrong all this time?

The truth is, whats best for you depends on your goals and how hard you are willing to push yourself. Use this blog series to help fine tune your workout routine to help you succeed no matter what your goals are.


You need HIIT at least 3 times per week and strength training 2 times per week.

Research shows that high intensity interval training will burn more fat than steady cardio like running and it saves you tons of time.

By alternating between very intense bouts of work and then utilizing a recovery pace you can actually burn the calories of a steady 30-45 min workout in 20 minutes!

Sound good right? But how? You get a boosted calorie burn from a higher intensity of the intervals not to mention you keep burning calories during the rest period due to the intensity of the bodies recovery process. That’s 2 ways of burning calories and now I’ll mention the after burn that you’ll experience once you stop exercising. Up to 10 percent more calories due to the intensity aspect that you may not get from your “normal pace”.

If you’re new to intervals I suggest something along the lines of 30 seconds of work to 60-90 seconds of rest. With the intensity at a good heart pounding level during the 30 seconds of work your body will be burning glycogen or carbs and then during the 60-90 seconds of rest your body will be fueled by FAT. That is the #1 reason you shouldn’t cut the rest period short. Once you feel your self recovering faster then slightly increase the work period by adding 5-30 seconds and reducing the recovery period by 15-30 seconds. This will give you and overall higher intensity workout which will mean a high calorie burn. Your intervals can be running, cycling, or Anything else that can be done in intervals.

Now, let’s lift some weights! Studies have proven that exercisers that do cardio and strength training lose more fat and more inches than those who do just cardio. How’s that? Resistance training builds muscle and muscle turns your body into a calorie burning machine! Without resistance training when you lose weight you may burn fat and lose muscle. I hope this helps to clarify that if you have a goal of losing weight and you want it to happen at a faster rate than your previous attempt when you just jogged or biked or maybe just lifted, you need a good schedule that includes a reduced caloric intake, high intensity interval training and resistance training. For a detailed plan contact me at jim@studiofitnessrockwall.com and we will help you get started!

Notes: This doesn’t mean you can’t go run 5 miles this afternoon, you can still do steady state exercising. Just add HIIT and strength training to maximize your efforts.



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