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Is This You?

by Jim Floyd

facebook 4Does This sound like you?

“I Don’t really Like to exercise”. I mean, seriously, It’s hard work and It takes way too much time! What I can’t figure out is why do people go to the gym? Not only do they go, but they seem to NEED to go, maybe even love it. Some even act as if they couldn’t operate without it. Whether they are running their butts off, playing tennis daily, or working out in the gym every day or a combination of all of it….THEY LOVE IT! WHY?

What have they figured out that I haven’t?      What is their motivation?   Why do they endure the sore muscles and the endless workouts that eat up so much time?   What is It?


If you let me share some of my experiences with you maybe you can see it a little more clearly. Now, I’m going to put aside “looking Better”. Even though this is a great motivator for some…maybe all that work out. It isn’t enough to get some people going. I want to dig a little deeper and maybe give you real life reasons to get started today.

#1. Work out because it make you happy…. Literally ! You will feel happier after a workout.  Immediately after the workout. Study after study after study all show that the increased release of the feel-good hormones during and after a workout is undeniable. This means YOU can feel better today! Do your knees hurt, maybe low back? How about depressed? Have you been feeling a little low lately? Working out can make these things feel beter immediately! Even if its all in you head. I don’t know about you but I could really use some more feel-good hormones today!

#2. Working out will make your life easier. Working out can make you stronger, leaner ,and  happier. Overall you will be more capable. Your Boss will see the difference. Your Spouse will see the difference. Your friends will see the difference. Training increases your capabilities, that is the Law of Progressive Overload. If you slowly increase the demand on your body by running a little faster or further. Maybe lifting a little more this week than you did last week, you WILL GET STRONGER and more capable. The next thing you know you are stronger, leaner, more balanced and just better overall.

#3. Workout for your Family and Friends. Not to get to serious but the people that love you, that are closest to you, depend on your energy, your support, and your happiness. When you let your body slowly decline in capabilities(we all decline, a fact of life) due to inactivity you are doing them a disservice. If we focus on keeping our bodies healthy, happy, and strong then we will be there for our loved ones longer. And in reality that’s the important stuff!

In conclusion, I want to let you know that the discomfort of starting a workout routine can be minimized by hiring a professional to help you start slowly and targeting the things you need to work on the most. If you want to start but havent got a clue please contact us so we can help. If you have started a workout routine in the past but can’t seem to keep it going I want to ask you to give our team a chance to help. we have a solution for your situation.






Jim Floyd

Studio Fitness


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A big thank you to Jim Floyd, my trainer for a decade, for convincing me that just because I can, doesn't mean I should bench press 400 lbs. Ego and 57-year-old joints don't always get along! If you're in the Rockwall, Texas area and don't use Studio Fitness Rockwall, you are using a second class gym. - Brad Boeke


I have to thank Jim Floyd for keeping me in such good shape! All day we have been descending into tunnels and uncovered ruins to see the discoveries of Bible times! I feel great. - Virginia Hodge