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Member Profile-Leonard Lynskey

  1. What brought you to Studio Fitness in the first place?

I have been training with Jim since he was a trainer at Larry North Fitness. When he opened Studio Fitness I followed him.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?

My first impression was that Studio Fitness was like having my own personal gym. Studio Fitness caters to a group of people who want to improve their fitness goals without the distractions and entangling commitments of the big name gyms, and it is comfortable but very professional.

3. What is your biggest fitness improvement since coming to Studio Fitness?

When I started working out I could not bench press a 45 lb bar and I could not touch my toes because of limited flexibility. While I have come a long way physically, for me the biggest improvement has been my increased mental stamina. Fitness is as much about learning how to be disciplined and mentally engaged to maintain a commitment to good health. The mental stamina created by a long term fitness routine has served me well over the years in my personal and professional life.

4. Are you currently working on any particular goals?

I really don’t a have specific goal. My overall goal is to stay strong, limber, and mentally engaged and to do it as long as I can. There is a gentleman at the gym who is 92 and still works out regularly. I want to emulate his success.

5.What is your favorite “Studio Fitness memory”?

My favorite Studio Fitness memory is my first day. I walked in, the lighting was insufficient, the air conditioning was insufficient to cool the building and there were no showers. Despite all of the hurdles Jim faced, his excitement and his commitment to his business and his clients was contagious. It is always special to be there at the beginning of something and I was honored to be at the beginning of Studio Fitness.


Leonard Lysnkey R.Ph.