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Member Profile – Samantha Bradshaw

Samantha Bradshaw has been one of our most consistent class participants for years now. Her passion for both fitness and having fun are contagious!
Member since 8/14

Samantha is 5th from the left showing off her guns!

1. What brought you to Studio Fitness in the first place?
•I have worked out most of my adult life and I had gotten off track and out of a good workout routine. Studio Fitness is right behind my office so I figured I’d have no excuse to not go with it being seconds behind me. I needed to get back in the gym and make it part of my lifestyle again.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?
•My first impression was probably that it was a small little hole in the wall gym that I could slip in & out with some quick cardio and not feel like I was at a high school reunion. Growing up in Rockwall & working out at every gym in town I always felt intimidated if I saw someone from school. After becoming a member & knowing that this little gym is the best kept secret in Rockwall.. I can’t slip in because we’re a family & they know me. I’m Sarah not a member #, they care about my day & how I’m feeling. They ask if I need help with any of my fitness needs & they challenge me. I love my gym family & tell EVERYONE about how wonderful it is.

3. What is your biggest fitness improvement since coming to Studio Fitness?
•I’ve probably improved most in strength & flexibility. I never really did more than cardio at other gyms. You offer so many varieties of classes that you get a cardio work out while strength training and they ALWAYS stretch you out after every workout & that is super important to me.

4. Are you currently working on any particular goals?
•Yes I’m working on toning & lengthening my muscles & on being more flexible and not so stiff. (That’s why I love the stretching)

5. What is your favorite “Studio Fitness memory?”
•Hummm. That’s a hard one. Probably the Saturday classes.. we work out HARD on Saturdays, but we 🎶Jam🎶 out (dance between sets), support each other & have a blast!