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Speed Your Fat Melt!

by studiofit

Speed your fat melt!

We’ve all read articles that claim to share the secrets to increasing calorie burn. Well, this article is the same in that way but different in the sense of admitting that it still requires some work from you. Meet the cardio machine that can torch more calories in less time; the VersaClimber! “The fact that this machine will only go as fast as you can make it go and because it requires you to crank away with both your upper and lower body simultaneously, the VersaClimber can burn nearly twice the calories of indoor cycling,” says Jason Walsh, founder of the first all-climbing studio in West Hollywood. The motion of this machine mimics climbing a 75-degree mountain face that doesn’t end. It’s hard, but your core will be too after consistent use of the VersaClimber. You can tone and sculpt your body as your core tightens with every push-and-pull move. Bouncing back and forth to this machine during your time at the gym or simply adding five minutes on the VersaClimber to your current workout routine will increase your calorie burn significantly. It also increases your speed on the road to that well-chiseled body. Once you’ve built up your stamina, ask us about the VersaChallenge. Come into Studio Fitness and try it for yourself. The proof is in the climbing.


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A big thank you to Jim Floyd, my trainer for a decade, for convincing me that just because I can, doesn't mean I should bench press 400 lbs. Ego and 57-year-old joints don't always get along! If you're in the Rockwall, Texas area and don't use Studio Fitness Rockwall, you are using a second class gym. - Brad Boeke


I have to thank Jim Floyd for keeping me in such good shape! All day we have been descending into tunnels and uncovered ruins to see the discoveries of Bible times! I feel great. - Virginia Hodge